Everyone around the globe is using smartphone and its numerous features. Above all, to make your life easier there are number of apps available at your fingertip. Zimmber is such an app which makes every day chores seem simpler than ever before. The app is available for download in Google Play Store and it has excellent rating too. The app built by Zimmber allows users to book-on-demand service and has been founded by Anubhab (CEO), Amit (COO) and Gaurav (CTO).

Zimmber App

Zimmber is an e-commerce company which provides on-demand services and it includes electrical, plumbing, laundry, driver on demand, home painting, carpentry, home spa, sofa spa, carpet spa, pest control and home cleaning, Car exterior cleaning and interior cleaning. The app not only gives user a friendly interface but also fulfils the need of consumers. In addition to this, Zimmber offers crazy good discounts to book services, isn’t that great?

Services at your doorstep:

Zimmber offers a wide variety of services and gives it 100% to ensure customer delight. The services are fully programmed to cater to the various consumer needs and they are mentioned below:

  • Driver on demand – A professional driver will take control of your vehicle and rescue you if you are exhausted to drive. The charges too are easy on the pocket.
  • Electrical problems – Zimmber professional solves all the electrical installation, repair and maintenance problems.
  • Plumbing problems – Say goodbye to leaking faucets and clogged toilets, as Zimmber provides answers to the most complex plumbing problems.
  • Home cleaning – Your maid will be jealous once she notices the Zimmber professionals use of technologically advanced tools to clean the house.
  • AC services – Zimmber professionals excel in AC installation, repair and maintenance services.
  • Sofa cleaning – Sit back and relax as Zimmber deep cleans your sofa at an affordable rate.
  • Carpet cleaning – Get rid of bad odour, and stains from your carpet as Zimmber provides instant solutions.
  • Pest control – Uninvited guests like germs, pests, insects and cockroaches will never get a room to stay once Zimmber steps in.
  • Laundry – Dirty clothes, stained clothes and wrinkled clothes, all are taken care of by Zimmber professionals as they use special detergent to make your clothes shine.
  • Carpentry – Installation or modifying a cabinet or moulding a window, Zimmber carpentry services offers a wide variety of solutions.
  • Home painting – Zimmber turns dream houses into reality by adding colour to your walls that speak volumes.

The Zimmber app can be used by average users and there is no specific education required to use it. The Zimmber workers are known as Champs and they master the skill to cater to orders efficiently & reach the customers when an on-demand service is requested. Apart from this, the app is beneficial too as it help customers to track the activity of the Champ. In other words, Zimmber app is that friend who you can rely on to take care of your needs.

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