Google has updated the YouTube app for Android and it is one of the biggest update when compared to earlier updates. Update YouTube app comes with a new design and stability improvement features.


According to source, the biggest new features are:

  • A brand new card-based UI – the app looks better than ever before. It’s like Matias Duarte has reached down from the sky and graced it with his magic touch.
  • Previously rumored in-app multitasking that’s nothing like we’ve ever seen before. It really has to be experienced in person, but basically you can make any video you’re watching turn into a small window on the bottom right by swiping it down or pressing the down arrow in the top left corner.
  • You can then navigate the app while the video is playing.
  • You bring it back up by dragging or tapping the small window and dismiss it by swiping it sideways.
  • The really slick part here is that as you start sliding sideways, the sound starts to fade. This is some top-notch UX here.
  • Interestingly, the swipe-down gesture works only in portrait mode on phones. On tablets, it’s available in both orientations.
  • The slide-out navigation has been reworked with the latest hamburger-style guidelines in mind.
  • Quicker access to history, favorites, playlists, uploads, and watch later.
  • You can now search for playlists.
  • You no longer need to tap the down arrow on the video page to give thumbs up, thumbs down, or flag.
  • The HD and CC toggles have moved from the bottom left edge of the video to the menu.
  • The G+ +1 Recommend button seems to be gone from videos.

Still the updated app comes with rumored background audio – MIA, it means that you can’t leave the app or turn the screen off and have the audio keep playing.

[Via] AndroidPolice

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