Yahoo has announced the new Yahoo Messenger for mobile, the Web and in Yahoo Mail for the desktop. if you do not know, Yahoo Messenger is used to share, unsending & liking messages, photos & animated GIFs easy and fast. It is built on a new modern platform and it understands the relationship between contacts so adding people in a group conversations is fast & simple. The updated version of available globally starting today and you can download it from Apple App Store or Google Play Store as well as on web. Yahoo Messenger for the Yahoo Mail on the desktop is also rolling out globally starting today and the apps are English only but will be available in local languages soon.

Commenting on the announcement, Jeff Bonforte, senior vice president of communication products and engineering at Yahoo.

“We’re excited to introduce the next generation of Yahoo Messenger. It has long been one of our core products but it was time to redesign the product from the ground up and reinvest in one of the most important products in our history as a company. The messaging space has grown dramatically, yet people ultimately want a fast and easy way to communicate with each other. The new Yahoo Messenger was designed first and foremost to meet those needs. This is just the beginning of what’s to come.”

Some of the feature are:

  • Fast, Easy Photo Sharing – Powered by Flickr’s photo platform, instantly send hundreds of photos using the simple upload tool. The photos you share are displayed in a photo drawer that scrolls horizontally, so they can be viewed in the context of the conversation, without interrupting the flow of the conversation.
  • Animated GIF Search and Share – In a Yahoo Messenger conversation, it’s easy to search and find the perfect GIF to send. Powered by Tumblr, there is a GIF button in the message box that opens a GIF search and also displays a collection of the top trending GIFs on Tumblr.
  • Unsend Messages, Photos and GIFs – Avoid potential embarrassment with the unsend feature. Simply tap on a message, photo or GIF and select “Unsend” to remove it from a conversation; not only from your view, but everyone else’s too. No more sender’s remorse!
  • Show Some Love With a “Like” – And, we all love getting props from our family and friends, so in Yahoo Messenger you can “like” a photo, message or GIF with a tap.
  • Convenience of Account Key Yahoo Messenger desktop users (on the Web or in Yahoo Mail on the desktop) can also enjoy Account Key, which uses push notifications to provide fast and secure access to your account from the Yahoo Messenger mobile app. It frees you from memorizing complicated passwords, and makes signing-in as easy as tapping a button.

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