As of now, there are about 50 exclusive apps available in Nokia collection and these apps gives Lumia owners a slight edge in features. But today, a glitch spotted which allows you to install Nokia exclusive apps on your HTC, Samsung or other non-Nokia branded handset.


According to Chinese site WPDang, a glitch is spotted in Windows Phone Store and this glitch allows everyone to download exclusive apps from the Nokia Collection. If you want to download the exclusive apps on your phone just follow the step-by-step guide tutorial:

Step-By-Step Guide To Download Nokia Exclusive Apps On All Phone

Step1: Make sure your phone has WiFi connection. No, 3G won’t do, 4G won’t either.

Step2: QUIT the Windows Phone Store on your phone (not frozen in the background)

Step3: Assign APN proxy for your primary WiFi connection:, port 8888. (Tap the connected network to edit its properties, select “enable proxy”)

Step4: Connect via the WiFi proxy, open up Windows Phone Store, search for Lumia-exclusive apps by name, and behold them popping up on your non-Nokia phones.

Step5: Click into the app description page, but DON’T choose to buy, download or try yet.

Step6: Switch back to your WiFi settings, and remove the proxy.

Step7: Switch back to the app description page, download or buy now.

So, for what you are waiting for? Feel free to try this and let us know that it works on not via comments!

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