Microsoft announced developer preview of Windows 8 at the BUILD conference earlier this month and made available for public use. As compared to Windows 7, this new version comes with many new features like new start screen and many more.

Social Media firm MashWork designed an infographic it is based on first reactions of users who tested this new OS. This infographic created using 65,968 user reactions.


As you can see from the image above, Windows 8 was well accepted by majority of users and half of all the tweets favored:

  • Windows 8’s Metro style design compared to Apple’s iOS software and Google’s Android operating system.
  • Xbox LIVE integration on Windows 8
  • Windows App Store
  • Fast boot times in Windows 8 were among the most talked about features.

Although, this is just a preview version released for developers and when it if officially released for public use some of the features may change.

Now, its your turn what do you like in Windows 8, which feature you like the most and why? Share them via comments and do not forget to follow GadgetGuide4U on Twitter for more updates on Windows 8.

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