Two days back, Facebook bought the messaging service WhatsApp at an initial price of $19 billion and now today, it is down from almost half an hour. Many users including me are not able to send messages and the company has confirmed that the service is facing some issues and they are working on to fix it. Although there is no word how long it would take to restore the services.


If you open your WhatsApp, it keeps trying to connect to the servers and it looks like there is no data connection when you open the WhatsApp. Right now, there is no word how long it will take, keep an eye we will update you when the service is active again.


For your information, it is the first significant downtime, that the messaging service WhatsApp has experienced after the announcement of acquisition deal and now the company has confirmed that, they are currently experiencing server issues and working on to fix it.

According to WhatsApp Status,

“sorry we currently experiencing server issues. we hope to be back up and recovered shortly.”

Stay tuned we will update you with more news on why WhatsApp is Down?

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