In an event, Vivo Mobile India has announced the commencement of its manufacturing unit. it will further strengthen the honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi vision of “Make in India” as well as “Digital India.” The manufacturing unit will look after the manufacturing & assembling of Vivo smartphones.

Commenting on the announcement, Mr. Alex Feng, CEO of Vivo Mobile India said:

“The commencement of our first manufacturing unit in India marks significant moment for us, reflecting our ambitious business strategies for the country. We understand the vast potential and fast growth of the smartphone market in India. And we are dedicated to it with out efforts throughout the industry chain. We are always committed to the interest of our customers, employees and business partners, to achieve win-win at all times. From here, we wish to make a solid step of Vivo India’s localisation. And to release our dream of Make in India.”

Mr. Raman, Chariman Noida, said:

“We are glad that Vivo has commenced its first manufacturing unit in Greater Noida with the vision of creating more jobs and opportunities for Indians, hence supporting the “Make in India” program. We hope the advent of this new journey will bring more growth prospects to Vivo.”

If you do not know, Vivo Mobile India just completed its first anniversary on December 15th, 2015 and in short span of time, they have proved themselves important smartphone player in the Indian market. The manufacturing unit will increase more jobs (around 2200 jobs) & decrease the Vivo’s dependence on imports. Above all, this initiative marks the company’s commitment to the Indian smartphone market.

The new manufacturing unit has a maximum production capacity of one million devices in a month. The manufacturing unit is all set to manufacture & assemble several Vivo smartphones including Y11, Y21, Y15S. According to Vivo Mobile India, the Vivo Y11, Y21, Y15S witness huge acceptance amongst the target group & the manufacturing unit will help Vivo Mobile to grow its market share further in India.

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