Vine has officially launched Vine’s Web Profiles and a dedicated website for its users. Vine’s web profiles are the web version of the popular video sharing app. Vine on the web is a new way to experience the video service to keep up with new video clips uploaded with the popular app. Twitter-owned Vine has already invited all vine users to grab their custom web profile URLs last month.

Vine launches web profilesNow Vine users can go to, log in, and view their home feed and like, comment, and share videos just as they do on mobile apps. Users can also visit profiles of the people they follow to browse the videos they’ve created since joining Vine.

Vine has also introduced a new feature exclusively on the web – TV mode – a new way of watching Vine clips. Users can click the TV Mode button – a small TV-shaped icon in the top-right corner to view Vine videos in full-screen mode. TV mode also lets you view a user’s collection of videos in sequence.

Vine’s web profiles supports likes, commenting, and video sharing just like the regular app. However, users can’t upload clips through the Vine website, search for one another or search for channels. The app does have an “explore” feature.

“This release is just a first step toward bringing you a richer, more enjoyable web experience,” added Vine on the company blog. “We look forward to introducing more improvements in 2014.”

Source: Vine

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