A new version of Unity Game Engine released today – Unity Game Engine V4.2.2 and the latest version now supports iOS 7’s native game controller API. Apple making it easier to build gamepad support for developers by creating a standard game controllers across iOS. For your information, Unity Game Engine already supports major operating systems like Linux, Wii U, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10.


According to release notes,


  • iOS: Added joystick support


  • iOS: Added iPhone5C/5S to the iPhoneGeneration


  • Graphics: Fixed RenderTexture reload warnings in editor’s mobile graphics emulation mode, when deferred lighting is used with no lights present.
  • Graphics: Fixed Image Effects crash in some cases when an effect does camera.Render() from inside of OnRenderImage (regression in 4.2).
  • Shadows: Fixed broken soft shadows in scene view when Linear color space + skybox are used (regression in 4.2).
  • Editor: Fixed major progress bar leak on OSX editor.
  • BlackBerry: Fixed case where large device hardware PINs would not work with debug token reading/creation.
  • BlackBerry: Player settings now include stripping level option.
  • Memory: Fixed memory leak when instantiating materials from code.
  • iOS: Fixed documentation for Texture2D.CreateExternalTexture.
  • iOS: Fixed Build&Run with Xcode 5.
  • iOS: Fixed status bar issue on iOS7.
  • iOS: Fixed WebCamTexture problems on iOS7.
  • iOS: Fixed crash if user selected OpenGL ES 3.0 graphics API (OpenGL ES 3.0 is currently Android-only).
  • Android: Yet another fix for “Unable to find suitable jdk installation”.

[Source] Unity3D

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