One of the most important thing on any device is the appearance screen and apparently Lumia devices comes with heavy range of colors and sometimes (many times) user won’t like the visual display of the device. In such cases, the user wants to change or tweak the color profile or the screen color on Lumia devices. It is easy to tweak screen color on Lumia devices but there are few requirements which must be meet by the Lumia devices.


Requirements To Tweak Screen Color On Windows Phone 8

  1. Device updated to GDR2 Update – If you want to update your device, then go to Settings option and select phone update from the options.
  2. Device updated to Amber Update – If you want to update your device, go to Settings option and choose extras + info.
  3. Device updated to touch + display module – You have to install this from Store.

As soon as you meet all the above conditions, just follow the step-by-step guide to tweak screen color on Windows Phone 8 Devices.

Step-by-Step Guide To Tweak Screen Color On Windows Phone 8

Step1: First of all you have to select settings from the displayable live tiles available from the particular app list.

Step2: As soon as you see the settings list just scroll down and select display + touch option.

Step3: As soon as you select display + touch options, go ahead and move to end of the list, now you see viewable Lumia color profile section. You have to simply tap it and move ahead.


Step4: As soon as you tap the screen, noticeable color profile feature provides the option to tweak the color saturation along with the color temperature of the screen. Now, you have to move the slider to the point where you want to. Now move the slider to preview pictures and after previewing pictures view it & if you do not like it, then change it by tweaking the settings until it meets your requirement.


Step5: Now, you have to press the back button for saving the changes after you get the right result and if you do not get the right result, then go back to the previous settings page.

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