Cellular data helps you to connect yourself with the rest of the world by browsing on web. You need cellular data on your smartphone when you are unable to get any Wi-Fi connection to use internet. it’s important to keep track of data usage. You can burn through your data allowance quickly if you aren’t careful. Thankfully, with the Windows Phone 8, there’s an easy way to track you data usage. Data Sense app on windows phone 8 allows you to track your data usage and conserve your data by monitoring your usage and saving some tasks until you have a Wi-Fi connection again or recharge your data pack again. You can also see a breakdown of which apps and features are using the most data.

Data Sense 1

Data Sense is built into Windows Phone 8, so there’s no installation necessary. To start tracking your data usage, all you need to do is set up a personal data limit on your phone.

Step-By-Step process to Set or change a data limit:

Step 1- On your Windows Phone 8 swipe the home screen to the left. In the App list, tap Data Sense.

Step 2- Tap Settings > Set Limit

data Sense_3

Step 3- Tap the Limit type list.

Step 4- To set up Data Sense, you have to choose from one of three limit types:

  • One Time (pre-paid): You can choose this type if you have a preset amount of data to use and the data will expire at a specific date.
  • Monthly: You can select this type if you have a limited amount of data you can use each month (before overages are incurred).
  • Unlimited: You can tap this if you have unlimited data but still want to track your usage.

Data Sense_2

Step 5- With the One Time and Monthly limit types, you’ll need to enter different information available, such as values and dates that match your data plan.

Step 6- It’s All Done !

Create a Live Tile: You can take a quick look at your data usage by creating a live tile for Data Sense. You can pin the Data Sense app to Start. The Data Sense Live Tile will automatically update to tell you how much cellular and Wi-Fi data your phone has used, according to the limit that you created.

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