The GoPro Solo 3DR is the first true smart drone to come to market, its two internal computers providing advanced stability and safety resources as well as enabling 1080p HD video transmission over a distance of nearly a kilometer. The Solo 3DR is built as the absolute top of the line aerial photography drone, and you can click here to learn more about this professional quality drone.

Simplified Controls

The Solo Drone delivers an outstanding level of performance using a user-friendly control scheme. A single-button takeoff feature launches the Solo 3DR in seconds, and its video game-style controller provides great control even in less than ideal conditions. The GoPro 3DR solo is designed to make capturing professional quality images intuitive with features like Follow Me that automatically track a subject and a Pause feature that enables steady hovering.

High Performance

The GoPro Solo 3DR has a top cruising speed of 88km/h as well as a maximum flight altitude of 121 meters for unprecedented freedom of motion within its full kilometer flight range. The Solo Drone enables 25 minutes of active flight time on a single charge, and its rechargeable battery attains a complete charge in under 4 hours to get it back in the air sooner.

Safety Net

Safety Net is a safety feature that can keep your Solo Drone out of harms’ way when it flies out of range of the transmitter. After a break in transmission, Safety Net is programmed to automatically begin returning the GoPro drone to the transmitter’s position until it reestablishes a connection.

Smartphone App

The GoPro Solo 3DR features an integrated smartphone app that turns your device into a fully featured controller for your drone. This Android or iOS app also gives you quick access to the drone’s settings, and also enables photographers to pause and restart recording on the fly.

Smart Shot

Smart Shot is a suite of image capture tools that rely on the internal computers to make aerial imaging a simple task even for novice drone pilots. Smart Shot automatically adjusts camera settings while active to optimizer them for the environment, guaranteeing smooth, clear images in flight.

While a basic model can provide an inexpensive option for capturing aerial images, only a premium unit like the Solo Drone can guarantee the best experience in virtually all conditions. For professional photographers looking for the most capable tool on the market, the GoPro Solo 3DR delivers the total package.

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