Mobile phones have evolved significantly since they were first introduced – today they are essentially pocket size computers you can take with you anywhere. Used for texting, calls, pictures and emails, phones have become a staple factor in our everyday lives. Many people use them for gaming, whether it is online casino roulette of high end games such as Call of Duty. 
These are the top five mobile games played today. 

Clash of Clans
 A top strategy game for mobile phones, this app lets you build up your settlement’s defence. You can raise your own army to help propel you to victory over other clan leaders as well as other goblins. The battles that occur are quick, decisive and exciting!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
You will be hard pressed to find other mobile games with as much depth. This action game features speedy cars and a plethora of crime. Character Carl Johnson returns home to Los Santos and quickly gets sucked back into a life of crime.

Candy Crush This wildly popular mobile game has its origins in Facebook. A strategy game, Candy Crush required players to obtain three matched characters to clear them off the screen. As one progresses through the game, the task becomes more difficult.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team
From EA Sports, this game will appeal to football fans worldwide. There are two mode options: exhibition mode or career mode. Choose from over 10,000 players and numerous stadiums, and play your ultimate football team.

These top mobile games all cover a diverse range of gaming types. However, the best by far would be Candy Crush as its appeal has risen to epic proportions with a craze unmatched by the other games mentioned.

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