Already, I’ve shared infographic on history of Android and now in this post I’m sharing infographic of top 20 Android Apps.

This infographic released by mobile expert Nielsen and you are amazed that the results are not shocking and to make it simple it is broken into three rankings:

  • Overall Usage
  • Male Usage
  • Female Usage


The top half of each list is acquired with the apps you’d guess were popular: Facebook, Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Pandora, Words with Friends, Twitter and Amazon’s Kindle app all make expected appearance in the top 20 as well. In this data,

  • Twitter is more widely used by women as compared to men.
  • Google Plus made all three lists, which suggests that Android’s integration of Google’s new social product may be paying off, at least among Android users.
  • Amazon’s Kindle eBook store and Words with Friends were popular with women.
  • Google Maps, which has 77 per cent active reach among men compared to 71.8 percent among women.
  • Advanced Task Manager, an app that lets you check what else is running on the device and kill apps that might be hogging memory is widely used by women.

Well this infographic lists top 20 Android apps and if you know any different app which is not being listed in this list let me know via comments and do not forget to share it with your friends also.

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