When the kids get restless or the summer rains come rolling in, parents may need to take some tips from teachers about keeping kids occupied and happy. Two teacher apps that can keep your kids content and entertained are Kahoot and My Story Book Creator.

My Story Book Creator


Kahoot is a free tool and tons of fun. It is a quiz maker and game that can be used on the laptop, desk computer, phone, or tablet. All ages can use this free app and you will need at least two people to play. You can use existing quizzes or make your own quiz. The set up is easy and a 30 minute quiz takes about fifteen minutes to put together. If you use an existing quiz, you can mark it as a “Favorite” and it will save under your profile.

Kids can learn and have fun in this speed quiz. It meets several teacher criteria which can translate to parent goals as well. Your child will be be learning, your child will not feel as if he or she is learning, and hours of fun can be experienced. The student, or in this case your child, simply has to sign in with a pin that you will give to him or her once you engage the quiz. Rainy days and bored children can’t defeat this fun learning tool.

My Story Book Creator
My Story Book Creator is a pure Apple app that can be used on ipads and iphones. It costs $4.99 to purchase. Many teachers have turned to My Story Book Creator for all grade levels, even high school students. The app is ageless; so feel free to introduce it to your children, no matter their age. A student can describe an Algebra equation or a Civil War battle by putting together an electronic storybook. For summer fun, you could have your young ones make a book on Disney princesses, create a tale of their favorite athletes, or compile their favorite Dr. Seuss quotes. If the budget is tight, keep in mind that there are some free of charge storybook creators such as StoryJumper, StoryBird, and Tikatok.

Any storybook creator app will allow the user to draw, add text, and use photos from his or her photo library or the internet. For younger children who struggle with drawing or penmanship, these apps are still easy to use. The final products can be saved and returned to for future reading or story edits.

Summertime can be a blast even when the rains come down or boredom sets in with your children. There are easy teacher apps that you can implement at home. Simply have your children play Kahoot or make a storybook for hours of sizzling fun.

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