Play with Einstein and learn with Stephen Hawking, all at one place, on your iPad with the new app ‘Snapshots of the Universe’ . Snapshots of the Universe is Stephen Hawking’s first official app which made its debut to iOS. Stephen Hawking is one of the world’s greatest thinkers and astrophysicist who teamed up with Random House to teach science in a fun way. The fun and education app ‘Snapshots of the Universe’ teaches you the fundamentals of universe through simple and fun experiments and mini games.

snapshots of the universe

Stephen Hawking makes its way to software world with his endless theories, now available to everyone on their smartphones. All the science geeks & students, adults can enjoy and learn about their universe in a fun way. players learn about G-force with Einstein, put planets into orbit and come to grips with the theory of relativity in the mini games. you can get answers to all your endless questions here. You can play and learn at the same time in each of the experiments included in Snapshots of the Universe:

  • Spin planets in orbit with your own solar system
  • Drop objects with Galileo to learn about gravity
  • Let Einstein feel some G-force in outer space
  • Search for black holes in the constellation of Leo
  • Discover Einstein’s warped worldview
  • Plus more…

You can go deeper with both video explanations from Hawking as well as old-fashioned text that helps you understand the science and key theories within the application. The app Snapshots of the Universe is completely optimized and styled for iOS 7 with clean and streamlined graphic elements. The app requires iOS 6.0 or later and compatible with iPad, it costs $4.99 on iTunes. You can download the app from the link below.

Download Snapshots of the Universe App from itunes

Source: Engadget

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