Nous Global Markets, a London based company announced the India entry of its “Spark Profit” applications. It aims to discover and train the next generation of trading talent. It is a free to join, free to play and free to earn virtual trading game. It has a friendly interface and a highly realistic trading simulator that pays actual cash for correctly predicting financial markets (currencies, commodities, stock indices and Bitcoin). As a bonus players you also learn the valuable skills needed to trade as full-time occupation.

Spark Profit

Commenting on the announcement Justin Short, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder of Nous Global Markets (NGM)

“We are delighted to bring this unique opportunity to India. This app helps people from all walks of life use their free time to have fun earning a little extra income. In view of the remarkable response we have received in Indonesia, Philippines and other parts of Asia, we are confident that Spark Profit will appeal to many people in India, whether it is someone playing on their commute, while minding their shop, in between household chores or just as a bit of fun at the end of a stressful day. Do you have an undiscovered talent for calling the gold price correctly? Spark Profit finally gives you the chance to find out – and earn money doing it!”

The goal of Spark Profit is to make predictions in financial markets to earn points. Earn enough points and you can start to earn money – the more points you accumulate, the more money you earn. There is no outlay of cash nor investment required. Even more compelling, 95% of the points you earn are carried over each week, to help you earn as much as possible.

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The prediction you make are about the real financial markets, with live prices coming straight from those markets. As the price changed after you make a prediction, your points will go up or down. Because the app is so intuitive and graphical however, you don’t need to any prior experience or mathematical skills to use it. Just point and predict.

Spark Profit was carefully designed to fit any schedule, no matter how busy. Predictions can be made in seconds and run even when you are not watching; you can limit points lost for incorrect predictions; and you can come back to review or cancel at any time. After downloading and registering for free, there is even a two minute tutorila to help you make your first prediction.

In addition to all features, Spartk Proft pays actual cash too, which can be withdrawn when accumulated rewards have reached US $30. Rewards can be withdrawn via PayPal, Skrill or Bitcoin. In addition to making money through correct predictions, players can also earn a “supporter bonus” when people they previously invited themselves earn cash: the carefully set up scheme pays a bonus ten percent or more of an invite’s rewards.

You can download the Spark Profit on your phone and pay it in your bowser.

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