A new version of Sound Forge Pro is released by SonyCreativeSoftware – Sound Forge Pro 11.0 and it is available for download in members area for free. It is a maintenance released and it is recommended to all users that they must update Sound Forge Pro to latest version as soon as possible.


Sound Forge Pro 11.0 – What’s New?

  • Improved recording workflow, including a new Record Options window and input monitoring through the Plug-In Chain.
  • Added a Loudness Meters tool and loudness logging.

    The Statistics dialog now includes loudness data.

    Added Use True Peaks and Enable DC Blocking Filter controls to the Detect Clipping dialog for measuring loudness.

  • Improved support for metadata in Broadcast Wave Format files.
  • Added support for editing files in SpectraLayers Pro 2.0.
  • Improved Plug-In Chain window now allows floating plug-in windows.
  • Improved selection dragging: you no longer need to drag up before dragging a selection.
  • Fade in and fade out curves now default to a linear curve in the processing and Mix dialogs.
  • Added Remember last-used Save As folder to the General tab in the Preferences dialog.
  • Added plain text file option for saving and opening a file’s regions list and playlist/cutlist.
  • You can now rearrange maximized data window tabs by dragging the tabs to a new location.
  • Added automatic resampling during playback for unsupported sample rates when you’re using an ASIO audio device.
  • Added support for splitting events at region boundaries.
  • Added support for moving markers, regions, and envelope points with events. The Options > Paste Markers/Regions command is now Options > Lock to Selection > Markers/Regions and Options > Lock to Selection > Envelope Points.
  • Added support for ripple editing in event-editing mode. Choose Options > Event > Auto Ripple to toggle automatic ripple editing for downstream events.
  • Improved audio playback and recording device routing in the Preferences > Audio tab.

So, for what you are thinking off? Update Sound Forge Pro to latest version as soon as possible and if you do not have your copy of Sound Forge Pro, then you can get it from here:

Sound Forge Pro 11.0

If you have any query let me know via comments!

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