Earlier Sony launched the Xperia Z2 in India and it comes with free flip cover & SmartBand SWR10 and now today, the company has announced the two new wireless charging accessories – the Wireless Charging Cover WCR12 and Wireless Charging Plate WCH10 that lets users charge Xperia Z2 wirelessly. Both incorporates the Qi technology and it uses the electromagnetic induction to charge your phone’s battery without the help of cords and wires.


The Charging cover acts as a protective cover and it offers variable viewing angle for viewing videos comfortably. It is made of premium PU leather and offers a premium look and feel. The Wireless Charging Cover WCR12 is a flip-style cover that doubles as a stand for the Xperia Z2 when used in landscape mode. The cover is made of leather and adds 66 g to the weight of the device.

The Sony Wireless Charging Plate WCH10 produces 5W of power and measures 78mm in diameter and 7.7mm in thickness. It also has a light indicator that blinks when the phone is charging and a steady white light indicated you when your phone is fully charged.

There is no word n the global roll out and no info on the pricing.

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