The GoPro Solo 3DR is built as the next generation of aerial photography drones, featuring dual internal processors and an array of advanced features that set it apart from other units on the market. You can get the 3DR Solo Drone at any Harvey Norman today, but separating the facts from the hype can be difficult with new products. Understanding what makes the Solo Drone an outstanding product once unboxed starts with an examination of a quality drone’s characteristics.

Video Quality

A professional quality drone should be capable of delivering 720p HD footage, but the GoPro Solo 3DR is one of the only units to feature full 1080p video streaming. The DJI Phantom 2 Vision also has 1080p video capability, but its 18 minute active time is less than half the flight span of the Solo Drone.


Flight range is another important aspect of a drone’s quality, as a limited flight range will make the drone unusable for capturing some shots. While popular devices like the AR.Drone 2.0 and DJI Phantom have ranges measured in the hundreds of feet, the GoPro Solo 3DR has a flight range of nearly a full kilometer for long range action shots.

Flight Capabilities

Flight management capabilities are essential to a drone’s function, as factors including wind and object speed can have a tremendous effect on the quality of video. Only top-flight models like the Iris+ from 3D Robotics share the wind compensation and dynamic object tracking feature of the Solo Drone, but the Solo’s 88 km/h top speed make it a much more agile craft.

App Integration

The latest aerial drone cameras feature integration with Android or iOS apps to enable control of camera settings as well as the craft itself with some models. Units like the AR.Drone can be used with an associated app, but only the GoPro 3DR enables live streaming of HD video directly to the control smartphone.

Extra Feature: Smart Shot

The type of extra features a drone has can also make it more suitable for specialty image capturing, and the dual processors of the 3DR Solo make it the only model on the market with a suite of tools like Smart Shot. Smart Shot enables precision control of your camera in flight, locking the unit on a virtual cable between two points in space, orbiting a subject, or tracking a subject automatically to capture every moment.

There are many high quality drones on the market that offer photographers the chance to capture a unique birds’-eye perspective, but the GoPro drone has the most advanced set of features available. The Solo 3DR is not only the world’s first smart drone, it represents a look at the future of photography.

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