Shoto Inc. has launched the Shoto app and it is available in Google Play Store & App Store for free. It is available in 120 different countries with support for local languages like Hindi, Spanish, French and Mandarin. The app offers you to get photos of your friends taken at various occasions with ease. Shoto app provides an easy way to pool & share photos with friends. It also tells you how many photos were taken with friends or family members from times spent together & it let users to share photos & create private or public albums.


Commenting on the launch, CEO and Co-Founder Sachin Dev Duggal, said:

“We’ve understood through the journey of building Shoto that it’s those precious ‘in between’ moments in life that often go unshared. The magic of using Shoto is that it makes it convenient for all of those special moments, big and small, to be organized into meaningful collections just the way a user would naturally see and remember them.”

Shoto worked closely with Mark Rolston of argodesign, as its Chief Creative Officer, On the new interface, said:

We’ve enjoyed working with the Shoto team to redefine what it means to share photos,” said Rolston. “Before Shoto we had to use multiple apps to exchange photos, and manually organize pictures from an event. Shoto is designed to make sharing and organizing photos as easy as taking the photo itself. The app works in the background so you can focus on enjoying the moment. And afterward, Shoto helps you publish your album as a beautiful story, complete with titles, maps, and comments from friends.”

Photos clicked on big events like holidays & weddings neatly organised into beautiful albums on your mobile phone. The app makes sharing photos more intuitive than your native album app.

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