As a smartphone user, shopping online is full of convenience and ease. I do lot of online shopping and while buying a smartphone I come across It’s an online platform which assists shoppers in making intelligent decisions while purchasing gadgets online. AspectWise draws a complete picture of the gadgets from every aspect including other available options in the same price range.

If you do not know, AspectWise develops a product review based on both positive and negative feedback of real users from across the web. It uses natural language processing, sentiment analysis and statistical scoring techniques and comes up with a well-balance summary of user reviews. This helps online shoppers to get authentic information about the device. Reviews along with comparisons to other products in the same price range, assist users in purchasing the best gadget online.

Let’s say, you are looking for Best Mobiles for Performance, Camera and Battery under Rs 20,000, at AspectWise you will not only find the best mobiles fitting your requirements, but also user opinions on specific aspects of your interest i.e. Performance, Camera, Battery etc.

If you are looking for a smartphone on AspectWise, you can easily find it. Like you are looking for “best mobiles for selfie”, it gives you all the options and you can choose any of them depending on the budget you have.

best selfie phone

Apart from this, you can see that Honor 7 ranked as the best selfie phone and it is at the top.

Honor 7 Aspectwise

Shoppers quickly go through user comments about specific aspects that concern them, instead of reading through full length reviews. So if you are big on selfies, you can quickly read what users have to say specifically about the selfie taking abilities of different smartphones within your budget consideration.

Another unique highlight is the AspectWise User Verdict for a gadget, which lets you know how a gadget ranks for different kinds of users, like a mobile might be great for Camera Lovers but not so good for Gamers.

AspectWise is really helpful in getting a good device in the price segment and what we are looking for. If you have no knowledge of buying phone, then is the place you have to go and all your queries will be sorted in no time. This is the ideal place to look for a smartphone you are looking to buy.

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