Samsung is selling a replacement second battery for Galaxy S4 smartphone with a dedicated charger just for the battery itself. The second/spare battery for Galaxy S4 is available from Samsung’s very own website for $50 and includes a dedicated battery charger in the box.

replacement battery for Galaxy S4

Battery Specs

  • Battery Type: 2600mAh Lithium Ion
  • Cable Type: Micro USB
  • Package contents: Spare Battery Charging System, 2600 mAh Standard Battery, 700mAh Travel Adapter

Samsung offers a user-replaceable battery in their phones, that is a bonus point from the users point of view. One can replace the battery once it gets exhausted after a long use with no option or time to charge it again on some occassions. Also a user-replaceable battery option allows users to change the battery once it starts getting old and tired.

The idea of spending $50 for the above deal is better than if you opt to get just the original 2600 mAh battery from Samsung that will cost you $39.99, with the extra 10 bucks out of the pocket gives you the separate charger for the battery itself.

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