According to previous leak, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 codenamed as “Muscat” and it features 5.7-inch qHD display with resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and now the new leaks surfaces online. According to new leaks, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with several new feature and it is aimed to improve user-experience.


According to source,

“These features include – ‘Swipe to launch Motion Launcher’, ‘Aqua Capture’, ‘Multi Network for Booster’, and ‘Smart Fingerprint’. Aqua Capture seems to be similar to the Aqua Mode on the Galaxy S4 Active that allowed users to take photos underwater, which is a good sign that the Galaxy Note 4 will be even more water-resistant than the Galaxy S5. Multi Network for Booster could be the same as the Download Booster feature on the Galaxy S5, which combines a Wi-Fi and mobile data connection to download large files faster.”

Smart Fingerprint tells the presence of fingerprint scanner on the phone and it is expected to allow users to customize actions when a finger swiped over the fingerprint sensor. Aqua Capture relates to under-water imaging. Swipe to launch Motion Launcher let users to define swipe-related actions like swipe right for opening camera app or swipe left to play music. There is nothing mentioned about the ‘Multi Network for Booster’, we can imagine that it is related to network boosting or combining Wi-Fi and Cellular data for faster downloads.

[Source] SamMobile

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