Rovio mentioned it earlier and teased the new Angry Birds game in last week, and now the company has officially announced the arrival of Angry Birds Star Wars II. The upcoming Angry Birds Star Wars II game based on the prequel Star Wars movies.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

The Angry Birds Star Wars II said to be bigger, more innovative than earlier, introducing a wide roster of never-before-seen Angry Birds Star Wars characters and the gameplay will feature 30 different characters.

Rovio will also be using a Skylanders-style mechanism, which allows you to add collectables in your game. There will be a line of over 30 collectable small toys TELEPODS from Hasbro, will be available separately. They can be used as an additional interactive layer. Placing these figures on to your phone or tablet camera will scan your character of choice directly into the game, allowing you to select new characters on the fly.

Another interesting feature is that you can choose your side! Players can choose to “Join the Pork Side”.

Check out the video below for the gameplay trailer of the all new Angry Birds Star Wars II:

Angry Birds Star Wars II will be available from September 19 across app stores worldwide, so keep an eye out and stay tuned with us for more news.


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