A new game – Rivals for Catan released for iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad and it is available in iTunes store.


According to release notes

Submerge yourself into the bustling life on Catan – be the prince or princess of Catan and decide on the fate of its settlers. In addition to settlements, roads, and cities, you also construct the buildings where your subjects work, hire heroes that make your opponents’ lives as gamers difficult, and build ships to boost your trade.

As of now only English and German are the supported languages and developers are working on to add more languages. There are three different game modes and all three mode comes with varied challenges:

  • An easy-to-play introductory game, ‘The First Catanians’ is exclusively played with the cards of the basic set and using simple rules. The ideal way to get started with the game!
  • Theme set games represent new eras on Catan, adding numerous cards to the game: Make clever use of trade advantages and the opportunities of cards like the university or the pharmacy to achieve domination over Catan!
  • The ‘Duel of the Princes’ is the most advanced game mode: it is played with cards from all theme sets, offering even more strategic and tactical possibilities, thus providing some truly sophisticated games.


Features of Rivals or Catan

  • Based on the original card game by the creator of Catan, Klaus Teuber
  • Exciting two-player duels
  • Three game modes with various difficulties
  • Numerous AI opponents with different personalities and tactics provide varied challenges
  • Online and local multiplayer modes (online multiplayer via Apple Game Center)
  • Based on the rules of the comprehensive, revised edition of the Catan card game
  • Including Cards Almanac for easy reference and comprehensive tutorials to get started

Download Link for Rivals For Catan Game

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