In an event in New Delhi, a new app called Ringo launched in India and it is the first international calling app which delivers high quality & low cost calling facility without using the Internet. It is specifically created for those people who makes international calls and by using this app you can save lot of amount of money & always remain in touch with your loved ones.


Commenting on the launch, Bhavin Turakhia, CEO of Ringo, said:

“We believe our app will change the way India communicates with the world. In this country, reliable internet connectivity that can support VOIP calling is still far away. Ringo provides the perfect solution for Indian consumers who want to stay in touch with their family, friends and colleagues abroad reliably and at a low­cost.”

When compared with other OTT voice apps, Ringo doesn’t need any internet connection, Wi-Fi, data or carrier minutes. Although making a call using Ringo saves almost 70% when compared to standard rates offered by Telcos. It uses a unique call flow to convert international calls into local calls. When a Ringo user from India contacts someone in the United Kingdom, Ringo will automatically dial out a local call to the Indian user and another local call to the UK user and connect the two over reliable carrier circuits.

Adding further, Bhavin, said:

“The app is a result of significant technology investments, global carrier partnerships and strategic relationships. We believe that communication should be easy and inexpensive. We envision a world where cost is not even a criteria for communication with anyone anywhere around the globe.”

Ringo provides a unique international calling solution that does not use VOIP and hence will never incur these additional costs.

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