Logitech X100 is a new micro wireless speaker that produce bigger sound when compared to its small size. It is a Bluetooth A2DP-enabled wireless speaker which aims serving up rich audio from smartphone, tablets, computers or other devices within a 30-foot range.


It is available in five stylish colours (green, grey, orange, red or yellow) and each unit comes with a rubberized exterior rugged enough to take the music anywhere you want to go. It is specifically made for travel enthusiasts, there’s a clip at the top which allows you to connect the speaker to a bag’s strap or you can hang the speaker from a backpack or doorknob or whatever or you can just lay it flat.

Around the side of the device, there is power, volume control and Bluetooth connectivity buttons. All the buttons flush with the body, but physically depress when pushed. Buttons are built into the ring.


The X100 features a 3.5mm audio jack for connecting other devices and a micro-USB port cable of fully charging the built-in lithium-ion battery in about two hours.


A small rubber pad with Logitech branding on the bottom of the speaker’s body helping to prevent it from slipping.


The X100 can also send or receive hands-free smartphone calls and the speaker remembers the last two connected devices, although only one of them can actually output at a time.

It combines metal, plastic and rubber. A single speaker driver is housed inside a round punk that’s almost 3.5” in diameter. I like the hard, rubberized finish on this speaker and it seems fairly durable.

There’s no battery indicator which tells how long it will be used before it conks out, although a bright blue light under the speaker grille works with melodic beeps to indicate when the unit is powered on or off and anytime a device is connected or disconnected. According to Logitech, when fully charged, the X100 cranks out tunes continuously for five hours, but at low volumes I manage to get it working for almost a day. It charges via Micro-USB.


It work perfectly indoors, it is even better suited to take music on the road, pumping out impressively rich, clear sound, despite of its smaller size. There’s no stereo output, so if you are bass lover then you have to settle for a bit less “oomph”, otherwise the X100 delivers the goods.

It sounds better than the internal speakers of laptop or tablet and for casual listening it leaves most of the people thinking, “that sounds pretty good and how small it is.”

GadgetGuide4U Opinion

The Logitech X100 Mobile Wireless Speaker delivers surprisingly big sound when compared with its small size. It is nearly pocket friendly and one of the better micro wireless speakers available right now. Although I don’t recommend it using it as a hands-free speaker phone calls.

Discounted Pricing of Logitech X100 Wireless Speaker

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