It is crucial for you to format and partition a hard drive before you can use any new hard drive in your computer. This is to ensure that you can use the right amount of hard disk space on your computer. It’s a necessity when trying to get your disk management functions handled.

The disk management software can make a difference. This is where EaseUS Partition Master Free 10.8 can come in handy. It is a disk manager Windows 8, Windows 8.1/7/10/XP, and more.
This program can support most editions of the Windows operating system. It is easy to use and has been downloaded by more than 30 million users around the world.

You can create a GPT partition with ease through this program. It helps you convert your system disk from the MBR format to GPT or the other way around in just a matter of minutes.

This will resize and move your partitions without putting you at risk of losing data. It also shows you how data is being moved within your setup so you will have an easier time controlling the data you have while noticing how the program works.


It supports disks of up to 8 TB GPT in size. You can even copy the entire disk to another or move an operating system from an HDD to an SDD without having to reinstall the system or any other programs on your drive. This in turn ensures that you’ll have an easier time moving your data from one spot to the next. Find out more info about “how to transfer OS to SSD”.

It works with EXT2 and 3 systems plus the FAT12, 16 and 32 systems and the NTFS setup. These help to ensure that your data is being handled carefully regardless of the type of major computer you have to work with.

This is a free program that you can use right now to merge partitions and resize them. This is a great program although it costs extra to get access to extra functions including faster partition resizing speeds and larger capacities. Fortunately, you can spend only $39.95 to get a more advanced version of the program or $159 for a version that works with Windows Server 2003 and all other newer versions of the program.

You can use this program to make it easier for your partitions to be moved with care. The Partition Master Free 10.8 program will help you quite well with getting your data moved around when you get onto different computers without worrying about your operating system being problematic.

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