Only for today Amazon is offering bunch of paid productivity apps for free. All these apps are a part of their promotion and it will cost around $54 in Amazon Appstore.


Below you can find the full app list along with their usual prices.

  1. PrinterShare Mobile Print (normally $12.95)
  2. Spacedraw Key (usually $4.99)
  3. Tasks N Todos Pro (usually $5.99)
  4. Splashtop Remote Desktop HD (usually $8.99)
  5. WiFi File Explorer Pro (usually 99-cents)
  6. Splashtop Remote Desktop (usually $4.99)
  7. Documents To Go Full Version Key (usually $14.95)

To download all these applications you need Amazon App Store APK into your Android Smart Phone/Tablet. So, if you do not have Amazon app Store APK installed on your Android smartphone or on tablet then get it from here

Download Amazon App Store APK

After downloading the Amazon App Store APK head over to this page and download all the popular apps for free.

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