OnePlus 5 will be unveiled on June 20th globally while in India it debuts on 22nd June. Just before the launch of flagship OnePlus 5 smartphone, the company has assured the customers that they have taken the lot of initiatives to improve after sales service. Some of the features of after sales service is 1-hour quick repair, and free pick up and drop service across 10 cities in India. The company has also listed the prices of spare parts on its website.

OnePlus after sales service or the company called it as ‘Promise of 5’:

1. Convenience:– OnePlus users enjoy a guaranteed 1-hour quick repair at any of the exclusive service centres as well as a free pick up and drop service across 10 cities, keeping in mind that customers often follow busy schedules. As per actual repair history during Jan-May 2017 at OnePlus exclusive service centres, one-hour quick repair service registered 90% success rate.

2. Transparency:– At OnePlus honesty is valued above anything else and therefore any OnePlus owners can check the cost of spare parts on our website and the OnePlus Care service app gives them quotes even before the service process begins.

3. Experience:– Located in high street areas and malls, OnePlus exclusive service centres have been designed to offer a world class experience with friendly service managers and OnePlus engineers who have in-depth product knowledge.

4. Empowerment:-OnePlus users pride themselves on being tech savvy and so we have multiple easy options to get in touch with OnePlus-be it multilingual remote support through Live Chat, Email, Phone or raising a ticket on the website.

5. Trust:– OnePlus has worked hard to set benchmarks and worked even harder to surpass them. OnePlus community recognizes these efforts to deliver a seamless ownership experience and they have rewarded OnePlus with 86 % customer satisfaction score and 74% net promoter score, which is the highest in the industry and even globally, India has one of the highest NPS and Customer satisfaction scores for OnePlus (based on an internal Oneplus survey) which clearly demonstrates that nothing can be more valuable than trust.

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