Today, Nokia has replaces the App Highlights with App Social feature. For your information, App Highlights is a Nokia’s way to show customers which content is worth checking out on the Windows Phone Store. Showcasing the best apps and games, not only from the manufacturer but also third-party developers, it was a superb way to keep up-to-date with latest trends.


App Social Beta is currently available in 14 countries, enabling consumers to create and share lists of favourite apps, as well as following others with similar interests to make app discovery that much more interactive. The social elements of this experience is a solid improvement over what we used to have.

Top Features:

  • Enjoy browsing through tons of different apps lists brought to you by Nokia and App Social BETA users around the world
  • While you browse you can thank users for cool app lists
  • Sign in to create and share lists of apps with your friends and with the world in order to gain thanks and followers for your lists
  • Search for your friends and tech celebrities to start following them and gain insights from their lists of apps

Download App Social App For Windows Phone

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