Nokia has started pushing a new update of the Extras + Info service app for Nokia Lumia Windows phones  that enables the blocking of calls and text messages feature. Nokia has added a new settings area to the latest version of Extras + Info service app in Windows phone — Call + SMS Filter — that lets owners to start blocking numbers and unwanted contact. The new update is available to all Windows Phone 8-powered Lumia smartphones, but the new feature works only on phone running on the GDR2 a.k.a. Amber update that’s rolling out to handsets at the moment.

Nokia Adds Call and SMS Blocking feature to Lumia pHones

With the new update to the  Extras + Info application Lumia Windows Phone owners can block specific numbers from calling or sending text messages, that means owners will be able to add numbers to their blacklist for incoming calls and SMS to be blocked. The app also integrates into the phone section of Windows Phone, where you can simply tap and hold on a number to add it to the block list.

Nokia makes it possible after Microsoft created new APIs that is coming with the WP8 GDR2 update. The app is rolling out to Lumia devices immediately. Currently, Nokia Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925 are running it officially. The rest of the Lumia WP8 phones including 920/820/720/620/520 will get this feature very soon.

If you are running WP8 with Amber (GRD2) update on your Lumia phone then you can update your Extras + Info app. After this a new setting area”Call + SMS Filter ” has been added to the main setting list of the application. You can Find it via — Settings > Extras + Info > Call + SMS filter — easily. Here you can add numbers to block call and SMS from those numbers, unfortunately, you have to block a number from calling and texting both. That means you can’t just ignore someone’s call while you continue to receive text messages from that number.

Call + SMS filter

Nokia also lets you to pin a Live Tile to the Start screen and receive notifications, showing how many calls and SMS have been blocked and also how many times a number is blocked.

You can find or check for an Extras + Info update for your Lumia Windows Phone Here.

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