is the only tech accessories e-tailer which offers free shipping irrespective of the car value and you don’t need to pay extra like shipping fees. has taken a great step in this regards by establishing strong and wide spread shipping network which take care of deliveries around the nation without putting up any condition for minimum cart value. MD and CEO, Mr. Ameen Khwaja proudly made a point that,

“We are always looking for ways to serve our customers in a better way. As an extension of our urge to offer best services to customers, we have established robust logistic infrastructure with competent logistic partners to ship just any product anywhere with no shipping fees irrespective of the cart value. has free shipping for products as low as Rs.99! This is just the beginning of our customer satisfaction drive and we may come up with many such customer friendly services in near future”.

Free shipping is an extra move towards saving the customer’s money. The customers can save on great deals from the company and then get the products delivered at their doorsteps without paying anything extra.

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