Earlier last month, Gameloft introduced the Ninja UP!, a 2D game for iOS and now it is available for Android too. The game is similar to the popular Jump game but you have to draw a new rope every time you want to jump or move upwards. Every time you have to draw a line carefully, making sure that the Ninja lands on it and also tackle other flying ninjas, UFOs & more obstacles as you move up.


Longer the rope, the more safer landing area for Ninja whereas the smaller the rope, the Ninja jump higher. In addition to this, you can also draw sideways rope. If the Ninja fall, the game is over. You can also connect to Google Play games & compare the scores with your friends. Above all, you can also share your scores on Facebook and Google Play.

Download Ninja UP! For Android

Download Ninja UP! For  iPhone and iPad

I tried out the game on Nexus 5, check out the gameplay.

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