In a fast moving word and when it comes to life it becomes multitasking. It’s tough to find time to read a newspaper and if you like to stay updated with all the information then there is a app called – News in Shorts. Right now, it is available only for Android & iOS users. By using this app you can keep yourself updated with all the news wherever you are like at home, at school, at work or on the move. The best thing about this app is that, you get all news & happening around the world in less than 60 words.


The app provides in-depth stories published online by leading news portals and media houses. It also claims that 96.5% of their users get all the information they need without accessing the in-depth stories and that too in less than one-eight the time you spend reading a story online.

It has a smooth & visually enthralling interface that displays an image, a headline and the article for your reading pleasure. If you want to read next news, simply switch by swiping across the screen. You can also customise your experience by choosing a preferred category of news from the drop-down menu. So, whether you are a sports fanatic or a politics buff, you can have all relevant news updated on your fingertips with only a swipe.

Once you go the News in Shorts way, you won’t go back to your newspaper. According to the company, a daily user of the app opens it more than 5 times a day, on an average.

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