Ideators Alliance has launched the mobile application – mySlate and it is available for free on Google Play Store while the iOS version will be available soon. The app is an platform where the people can advertise & promote themselves & their business in the city of their choice worldwide apart from chatting.


mySlate is the brainchild of an Indian entrepreneur and alumni of IIM Ahmedabad Manoj Kumar, Founder, Ideators Alliance speaks on the launch of this innovative app:

“The app is to encourage users to do go beyond messaging and connecting with friends. It helps them to work on their individual businesses, improves their communications strategy and get connected with the right audiences in the place their have established their businesses. This process is quick, effective and measurable.”

It is primarily targeted towards the inventive and rebellious who would like to reach a bigger audience to promote themselves or their businesses. In many cases a good idea, skill, restaurant, business, artist, painter, guitarist find it difficult to reach a wide audience in their city. This app will help them to reach out to their target audience, which is like a hoarding in a mobile which reaches out to all users in a city.

The advantage is that it stays in the mobile and effectively connects an idea to a promoter, a skill to its patron, a restaurant to a foodie, an artist to its audience and so on. The app not only allows users to promote, advertise but it also offers users to send images, which are deleted within a preset time.
The app also provides advanced file sharing controls in its chatting functionality targeted towards reducing cyber harassments.

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