The first of its kind family app – mycity3kids mobile application is now available on Google Play Store. By using this application parents can easily search the activities & content related to kids which indirectly make the task of parents easier. It offers highly utilitarian features like family calendar, to-do lists, upcoming events, kids resources and parenting blogs that parents can access on the go and share their parenting responsibilities actively.

Co-Founder and MD, Vishal Gupta, commented,

“Modern parenting isn’t easy and the demands it places on parents and more specifically, Mums, can make it quite stressful. We’d like to become the indispensable mobile platform for today’s multi-tasking Mum by giving her access to everything she needs, in one place. The app helps her organize the kids schedule, discover interesting things to do in the city for and with them, learn from the shared experiences of other parents and involve her spouse in daily parenting. This is our way of ensuring that the job of parenting never overtakes the joy of parenting, by enabling #ParentingFromTheSamePage.”

The family organiser app is the largest content platform for parents presenting them with valuable information from local kids, events & resources to the best parenting blogs by experts and mothers. In the last one year, mycity4kids has served 20 million page view to 3.5 million parents. Currently, it serves nearly 1 million users and 3 million page views every month.
Easy-to-use and colour-coded for each member, the Family Calendar helps parents record all the kids’ activities along with own schedules in one place. It helps them add appointments which both of them can see, assign responsibilities and set reminders for each event. Parents also get a family agenda for the upcoming week through email and can share a specific event in their network.

The To-Do list is an easy way to create separate checklists like school and after-school activity related lists, class birthdays, fee reminders, vaccinations and so on. Tasks can be assigned to a specific person and reminders can be set accordingly.

Parents can discover current events and workshops in the city that are relevant to their kids’ age and the locality they live in, through the option of Upcoming Events. These can added to the Family Calendar with a single click. The app also provides access to more than 65,000 resource providers in 9 cities – the largest such resource guide in the country for kids-related activities.

And lastly, the Parenting Blogs section offers the most contemporary and comprehensive parenting content from more than 500 Mums and Experts, to draw learnings from or to validate their own parenting style.

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