Airtel India has released my airtel app for Windows Phone devices and if you are an airtel customer, then this is a must have have app on your Windows Phone devices. By using this app you can easily monitor your data usage and make payments, stop services too.


According to release notes,

Introducing the my airtel app – your world of airtel on the go. Download the my airtel app to manage your airtel mobile, broadband & digital tv connections at work ,home or anywhere in between! Check usage, make payments or recharge,start & stop services,get special offers, order movies, games and more!

My Airtel for Windows Phone is a free to download (download link at the end of the post) from Windows Phone App Store and it is pretty useful for Airtel customers. My Airtel Windows Phone app has metro interface and it shows all the services which are connected to your account.

Download Link For My Airtel App For Windows Phone

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