It’s time for next big memory makeover, MRAM is coming to take place of DRAM. That means more faster, more capacity, and more stable processing. According to a report, a Japan-U.S. alliance is working on a next-generation chip technology called MRAM ­­­– Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory.


MRAM stores data by means of magnetic storage elements, rather than with electric charge or current flows like DRAM. This technology offers an attractive combination of faster operation, reduced power consumption that characterizes MRAM as having one-third the power consumption of DRAM with 10 times the capacity and 10 times the writing speed and also an indefinitely long life without degradation.

While researchers are targeting a replacement for DRAM in future, it’s already in existence. Everspin Technologies has developed MRAM and also owns 600 active patents, many of which are fundamental and essential for MRAM technologies. They describes their MRAM as the industry’s fastest non-volatile memory, unlimited read/write endurance and is non-volatile for greater than 20-years. This could make it tough for competitors to create their own version.

We are excited about the next big thing in memory technology. According to the report, development will begin in February but the commercial mass production of MRAM is targeted for 2018.


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