Motorola’s Moto X could not make it to hit list as everyone expected. Now Motorola is kicking off the new year with some aggressive new move to sell more smartphones as their New Year resolution. The company has decided to introduce a price cut of its unlocked version of Google’s Moto X. The base configured unlocked Moto X will now available at an starting price of $399.

Moto X at $400

According to official Motorola Blog, ” We’ve been hearing a lot recently from people who want a new premium smartphone at a reasonable price without having to wait for a contract upgrade. That came through especially loud and clear during our holiday flash sales.
So from today forward we’re offering Moto X at an everyday starting price of just $399 on any major US carrier, without a contract. This includes customized devices.”

Motorola will sell the base configured Moto X at starting price of $399 for 16GB version without contract, while the much-anticipated wood flavor Moto X will cost you $500. A base configured unlocked Moto X with 32GB of built-in memory now costs $449. An interest-free financing is also on offer, allowing customers to pay off their Moto X over 6, 12, or 18 months.

Source: Motorola
Via: Engadget

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