Syenergy Environics in partnership with Technopak has released a infographic and this infographic shows the amount of radiation levels. Just for your information, Syenergy Envrionics is a radiation management company while the Technopak is a leading consulting firm which conducts research on growth of mobile phones.


As you know, 20% of Earth’s surface emits radiations and the same amount of people affected by these radiations. To detect the radiation level, Syenergy Environics developed a “Enviro Chip”, it’s a radiation protector chip for mobile phones, computers, mobile towers, workspaces etc. According to the infographics, some of the sources of negative radiation are – Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic/Microwave Radiations.

To neutralize the harmful radiations, non-intrusive solutions have been developed by company and one of them is “Enviro Chip”, which is a Radiation Protector Chip for Mobile Phones, Computers, etc and it neutralizes the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiations without affecting or reducing the signal quality and strength of the devices it is fixed on.

According to the press note, there are more than 1800 projects & clients are there and after testing is, the results are positive and there is a sudden decrease in radiation level. Some of the projects are - Mumbai Airport – New T2 (International Terminal)  PSU’s – 16 Refineries, 5 Steel & Power Plants, Oil terminals, Gas Bottling Plants, etc., many Corporate Offices, Institutions, Hotels, etc

Apart from this, the Company is also conducting “Health Awareness, Diagnostic and Solution Programmes”. This includes a 45 minutes general health awareness workshop which is followed by a 20-minute one-on-one Health Diagnostic session with each individual with the help of specialized instrumentation, which is US FDA approved. A full body scan is carried out in a non-intrusive manner with results being available immediately for 71 health parameters of the body. The USP of the system is that risk of certain common diseases like Diabetes, Heart Disease, Thyroid, etc is picked up before the symptoms occur. Finally, non medicinal solutions are prescribed for cure.

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