Microsoft has announced the Xbox One gaming console at E3 2013. Microsoft describes the Xbox One as “the ultimate all in one entertainment system – one system for a new generation.” Microsoft has confirmed the Xbox One release date and price at its press conference at E3. Microsoft opened its E3 2013 Xbox One press conference with a trailer for the highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid V.

Xbox One

The gaming console will be available in November this year in the United States, United Kingdom, and markets in Continental Europe.  While the exact date wasn’t specified.

The Xbox One is the most expensive Microsoft console ever. The console is set to launch in November at  a price higher than most gamers had expected.

The Xbox One will be priced at $499.99 in the US, £429 and €499 in the UK and the rest of Europe respectively. For the price tag, you get an Xbox One console with 500GB hard drive, a new Kinect, one wireless controller, and a free two-week trial of Xbox Live Gold. It’s a lot more expensive than the Xbox 360 when it hit the market in 2005 – $399 and £279.99 in the US and UK.

Microsoft also announced exclusive game titles coming to the new console, including an Xbox edition of “Minecraft” and a new “Halo” game, which will be released in 2014.

Microsoft also revealed some more details about the SmartGlass feature of the Xbox One, showing how the tablet/mobile phone app will allow users to start games, setup multiplayer games, view fellow player’s stats and watch games clips.

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