Microsoft has officially released the Office suit for iPad – a trio of apps that bring Word, PowerPoint and Excel to Apple’s tablets. Microsoft’s productivity suit is now available in the App Store as three separate apps – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. These apps are free to download, and you can view documents/give presentations for free via the productivity suite without any subscriptions. However, if you ever want to edit or create a document, you’ll need an Office 365 subscription. Microsoft office for iPad have more features than the iPhone version.

Microsoft office now available for iPad

Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella, made his first appearance for the company on stage to announce that Microsoft Office suit has finally been optimized for iPad. “The real goal for us is to set up to provide the apps and services that empower every user across all of these devices and experiences,” said Nadella. “It’s a beautiful set of applications,” he added.

The Office tools for iPad have a few more features than the iPhone version. The design is clean, beautiful and well optimized for the iPad’s big screen, it’s not just a blown-up version of the iPhone version.

  • You also can do complex formatting within Word, move images around in documents.
  • You can  create graphs and charts in Excel with smart gesture-based features.
  • A special keyboard designed for navigating and entering data into spreadsheets that was not available in the iPhone version of the app. Excel brings a custom numerical keyboard alongside the traditional QWERTY one.
  • The iPad edition includes advanced features like Sparklines and author blocking.
  • You’ll find an impressive array of formatting options, including custom text colors, dozens of PowerPoint transitions and a full suite of fonts.

You require an iPad running iOS 7.0 or later for the app to run.

Download Microsoft Excel for iPad

Download Microsoft Word for iPad

Download Microsoft PowerPoint for iPad

Check out the promo video of Microsoft’s Office apps for iPad-

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