Taiwanese chip maker MediaTek has announced the new quad-core MT8135 processor for high-end tablets. The new MediaTek MT8135 integrates the ARM big. LITTLE multi-processing technology and Imagination’s PowerVR Series 6 Graphics chip. The MediaTek MT8135 uses two high-performance Cortex A15 clocked at 1.7GHz and two ultra-efficient Cortex A7 processor clocked at 1.2GHz. It also has the latest PowerVR Series 6 G6200 GPU.


MediaTek MT8135 is based on ARM’s big.LITTLE processing that offers enhanced performance while maintaining the power efficiency. In addition to this, MediaTek has worked with the Imagination technologies to integrate the PowerVR Series 6 graphics chip to deliver five times or more boost in the graphical performance. With the new Imagination PowerVR Series6 graphics, MediaTek aims to boost the high-end gaming performance, advanced browser based graphics and smoother user interface on the smartphones and tablets. MediaTek says that they have deployed an advanced scheduler algorithm that combines adaptive thermal and interactive power management to maximize the performance and energy efficiency benefits of the ARM big.LITTLE architecture that enables application software to access all of the processors in the big.LITTLE cluster simultaneously for a true heterogeneous experience.


The MediaTek MT8135 includes built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and FM and Wi-Fi certified Miracast standard for easy streaming of multimedia content between two supporting devices.. It support LPDDR3 RAM. The chip is the first system on a chip (SoC) for tablets to offer heterogeneous multi-processing functionality via ARM’s BigLittle technology, which allows a single piece of silicon to run two different processor types concurrently.

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