Lukup Technologies has launched the affordable wireless product – Lightup in India. For your information, Lukup Technologies is a part of group of Lukup Media and Lukup Media offers India’s first on demand & multi-screen TV service. The Lightup can be mounted on window sills,terraces and parapets and can be easily used in homes. Right now, Lukup is field testing the technology and implementing pilots to deploy the product by the middle of this year.

The Lightup uses light to transmit data and it is free from any radiation or hacking. The good thing is that, Lightup can provide up to 1Gbps speeds to buildings & homes. It will be a rival for other operators that provide 4G services & fiber optic cables.

The Lightup is designed with the aim to provide broadband connectivity in rural & urban areas. Above all, it takes less than half an hour to set up the unit. In addition to this, the maintenance cost & power consumption is very low when compared to high operational costs associated with current data networks.

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