Line has launched the Lite version of its mobile app and it aims to provide the same experience to users with slow internet connections globally, specifically in India. Line Lite aims to maximize user experience whilst reducing the dependence on infrastructe to use it. Line Lite is specifically for those users who doesn’t need various functions.


The Line Lite weighs less than 1MB in size and it is light on your device as it install 25 times faster when compared to the 23MB original LINE app. According to Line, the app consumes less data & it is favorable for users accessing its on a 2G network. Although the Lite app has all core features like text, photo & stickers. It omits features such as audio & video calls along with Timelines.

Currently Line messenger app has over 211 million monthly users in 230 countries. Line is also available for global users except Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Iran and Cuba.

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