Line is celebrating 2nd anniversary of the LINE GAME and has announced the hosting of “LINE GAME Thanks You for 2 Years” event on 28 games, it is a part of LINE GAME service and it includes LINE Pokopang, and LINE Rangers. In case, if you do not know, LINE is a world’s leading platform with 170 million monthly active users globally.

LINE GAME began service in July 2012, after which it launched 4 game titles, including the puzzle game LINE POP, on November 19, 2012. The service has continued to expand the number and genres of titles offered ever since, achieving over 470 million total downloads on November 15, approximately two years since the service began in earnest, as said in a press release.

LINE GAME has also produced a number of hit titles, including LINE Rangers (over 23 million), and LINE Pokopang (over 38 million).

Among many game titles presented, LINE’s original character games received much love from users around the world. In particular, LINE Rangers recorded cumulative sales of USD 100 million within just 8 months of its first release.

For more exciting and dynamic experience for LINE game lovers, continuous game updates and release of new features are on its way.

“LINE GAME Thanks You for 2 Years!” Event Details

  • 1. Event features double the EXP or items
  • Participating users will be able to receive double the usual EXP or items during the event period on supported titles.

    Titles Supported:
    LINE Rangers, LINE Pokopang, LINE Cookie Run, LINE Get Rich, LINE PokoPoko, LINE POP2, LINE Heroes of Albion, LINE Puzzle Bobble, LINE Bubble, LINE Party Run, LINE MASS FISHING, LINE Gator Panic, LINE Dozer, LINE NIJA STRIKERS, LINE FISH ISLAND, LINE POP, LINE Revenant Gate, LINE STAGE, LINE Football League Manager, LINE I Love Coffee, LINE Puzzle TanTan, LINE Sweets, LINE Touch Monsters, LINE WIND runner, LINE Dream Garden, LINE Amazing Monkey King

  • 2. Special Character Appearances to Celebrate LINE GAME’s 2nd Anniversary!
  • Limited-edition characters will appear in each title below during the event in celebration of LINE GAME’s 2nd anniversary.

    Titles Supported:
    LINE Heroes of Albion, LINE Cookie run, LINE Football League Manager, LINE Dream Garden, LINE POP, LINE Gator Panic, LINE Pokopang, LINE STAGE, LINE HERO COLLECTORS, LINE Revenant Gate, LINE FISH ISLAND

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