The LG G2 smartphone is officially announced and it is the first phone which comes with Snapdragon 800 chip and many smart features. To showcase the smart features, LG has released a bunch of promo videos to promote LG G2 smartphone.

Each promo video describes various aspects of the smartphone and its features. Already we shared photo gallery of LG G2 and now in this post we are sharing some of the most interesting ones for you. We won’t spoil the fun anymore, watch them now and let us know which feature you like the most.

LG G2 Mobile Link Feature

LG G2 Capture Movie Feature

LG G2 Plug Feature

LG G2 Design Movie Feature

LG G2 Features 13MP Camera

LG G2 Rear Key Feature

LG G2 Audio Zooming Feature

LG G2 VR Movie Feature

In case if we missed adding some promo video showcasing a new feature, then let us know via comments and we will update this post later.

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