Lattice Semiconductor Corporation has launched the world’s first Super MHL solutions for USB type C and it delivers 4K @60fps RGB/4:4:4 video with concurrent USB 3.1 Gen 1 or Gen 2 data. The transmitter & receiver pair deliver & receives 4K @60fps over a single lane which provides a PC experience with USB Type-C devices. There are two devices launched one is SiL8630 and other is Sil9396. Both devices are low power transmitter and receiver pair and it offers 4K @60fps output over a single lane.

Abdullah Raouf, Senior marketing manager at Lattice Semiconductor said,

“Our superMHL transmitters and receivers offer the lowest power, quick time to market, and the only solution to offer concurrent USB 3.1 data with 4K60 UHD video to address the growing number of productivity applications for mobile devices. Other video solutions require four lanes to deliver 4K 60fps, which inhibits concurrent 4K video with USB 3.1 data.”

The Sil8630 trimester offers seamless interface to HDMI2.0 transmitters and it is already integrated in the application processors these days in laptops, phones. It is when combined with Si7033 provides a complete solution to deliver 4K video with concurrent USB 3.1 data.

The Sil9396 is a receiver and it is used for MHL, adapters and docks. The Sil9396 receiver can also be used in monitors, projectors & TVs to connect to MHL and SuperMHL sources including mobile and PC devices with the USB Type-C connector.

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